Baby Names Starting with D

Baby Names Starting with D

Baby names starting with D are incredibly diverse, featuring names both traditional and modern from various origins. The most popular D names for each gender, however, share a biblical provenance.

Daniel is a true classic name beginning with D and has been one of the most popular names ever since records were kept. For years Delilah was off-limits due to her biblical bad-girl persona, but modern parents have embraced its badass image, propelling Delilah up the charts.

Along with Delilah and Daniel, other baby names beginning with D in the US Top 300 include Daisy, Dakota, Delaney, Destiny, Dallas, David, Dominic, Declan, Damian, and Diego.

Names with the D initial have been heavily influenced by pop culture. The popular D name Daleyza was invented by Mexican American reality TV star Larry Hernandez for his daughter and became the fastest-rising girl name in the years following her birth. Daenerys, created by George R. R. Martin for Game of Thrones, is a unique name that rose in popularity when the TV show was on the air.

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