Popular British Names

Popular British Names

Popular British names for 2020 are led by Olivia and Oliver, for the fifth year running.

Along with Olivia, the top British girl names last year include Amelia, Isla, Ava, and Mia.

Along with Oliver, the top British boys names include Arthur, Noah, Leo, and Oscar.

The UKs most popular baby names include the names of young Princes George and Archie in the Top 10, and Princess Charlotte at Number 20 for girls.

Another royal name, Harry, stands at Number 8 for boys, and William, the name of the future king, stands among the Top 20 most popular names for boys.

Muhammad stands among the Top 5 boy names in the UK, and when counted with all its spellings would rank Number 1.

Unique baby names that rank among the UK's top 100 baby names include Lottie, Darcie, Orla, and Ayla for girls; Reggie, Albie, Jenson, and Sonny for boys.

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