Baby Names That Start With H

Baby Names That Start With H

Baby names that start with H are led by Harper and Henry, names that are emblematic of the two main strains of H names. Harper defines the trendy group of contemporary, androgynous-sounding names with the H initial, also including Hendrix and Harlow. Henry tops the list of classic H names making a comeback, with names like Helena and Harvey following in its footsteps.

Along with Harper, other girl names beginning with H in the US Top 250 include Hannah, Hazel, Hailey, Hadley, and Harmony. In addition to Henry, other boy names starting with H in the US Top 250 include Hudson, Hunter, Harrison, Hayden, and Holden.

A number of wonderful and rare word names begin with H, including Harbor, Holiday, Honor, and Hero, which was traditionally a Greek girl name but in modern times is used for both genders. Some vintage H names we’d love to see make a comeback include Harriet, Henrietta, and Haskell.

The biggest trend in names that start with H is last names as first names. Many of the H names at the top of the charts for both sexes are also surnames: Harper, Hadley, Harley, and Harlow for girls, Hudson, Hunter, Harrison, Hayes, and Hendrix for boys.

Hayes is one of the fastest-rising H names for both sexes. Other H-starting last names used as firsts include Hunter and Hensley for girls, Huxley, Harlan, and Harris for boys, and Hollis for both sexes.

These H surnames will remain the most pervasive trend — Halston is one to watch — but we have our eyes on  more traditional names that start with H as well. Old-fashioned boy names like Harold, Harvey, and Hank are sounding cool again, and we’ve recently noticed parents embrace quirky pan-European choices for their sons, such as Hugo, Henrik, Hansel, and Hendrik.

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