Baby Names That Start With L

Baby Names That Start With L

Baby names that start with L are some of the most appealing choices today, as many possess a coveted lilting and lyrical quality. The most popular L name for boys, Liam, is also the most common boy name nationally, ahead of its parent name, William, and biblical Noah. Moon goddess name Luna holds the title for girls after getting a big boost from the Harry Potter series.

Along with Luna, other girl names beginning with L in the US Top 100 include Layla, Lily, Lillian, Leah, and Lucy. Along with Liam, other boy names starting with L in the US Top 100 include Lucas, Logan, Levi, Lincoln, and Leo.

International popularity lists feature a wealth of rare L names ideal for import. Germany counts Linus among its top names for boys, and Leni for girls. In France, nickname name Lilou and leonine Leonie are common for girls, while in the Netherlands vintage-revival Lois is big. The unisex name Lior is a top name for girls and boys in Israel and could easily catch on in the US as well.

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