Popular Names in New Zealand

The most popular names in New Zealand in 2021 were Charlotte and Oliver.

Along with Charlotte, the top girl names include Isla, Amelia, Olivia, and Ava. After Oliver, the top boy names were Noah, Jack, Leo, and George.

New Zealand's baby name charts have a lot in common with its neighbor Australia, as well as the US and UK, but they also have their own distinctive style. Names in the Top 100 especially popular with Kiwi parents include Indie and Cora, Blake and Beauden.

New Zealand / Aotearoa also publishes the top Māori baby names each year. In 2021, the most popular girl names were Mia, Aria, Aurora, Maia, and Amaia. Leading the boys' list were Nikau, Ari, Koa, Niko, and Mateo.

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