Baby Names That Start With O

Baby Names That Start With O

Baby names that start with O are a small but incredibly stylish group, headed off by Olivia and Oliver. These sophisticated — and very similar — names are the most popular names for girls and boys in England and rank among the top baby names in other Anglophone countries such as Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Along with Olivia, other girl names beginning with O in the US Top 500 include Olive, Ophelia, Oakley, Octavia, and Oaklyn. As well as Oliver, other boy names starting with O in the US Top 500 include Owen, Oscar, Omar, Orion, and Odin.

Unique O names have an extra dose of originality thanks to their O initial. Some of our favorites include the dramatic and feminine Olympia and Oriana, modern and gender-neutral October and Ode, and creative and historical Oberon and Odette. Océane and Orla, top names in France and Scotland, respectively, would make excellent imports.

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