Baby Names That Start With R

Baby Names That Start With R

Baby names that start with R are cheerful and high-energy. This tends to be true of Irish names, two of which top the lists of R names for girls and boys. Riley, an Irish surname name, leads for girls. Riley has many well-used variations, including Rylee, Ryleigh, and Rylie.

Ryan is the most popular R name for boys. Its heyday was towards the end of the millennium —making it more popular among dads than babies — but Ryan maintains its relevance.

Along with Riley, other girl names beginning with R in the US Top 200 include Ruby, Reagan, Rose, Raelynn, and Reese. In addition to Ryan, other boy names starting with R in the US Top 200 include Robert, Roman, Ryker, Ryder, and Rhett. Many of the trendiest R names are unisex, such as Rowan, River, and Remi.

Romilly, Rooney, and Ripley are among the rarer gender-neutral names with the R initial, while Rafaella and Rosamund are lovely feminine options. Unique R names chosen by celebrities include Rockwell (Lucy Liu), Rafa (Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale), Rumi (Beyoncé and Jay Z), and Raddix (Cameron Diaz).

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