Baby Names That Start With S

Baby Names That Start With S

Baby names that start with S have shifted from old favorites Stephanie and Shannon, Steven and Scott to multicultural choices, the most popular of which are Sophia and Sebastian. Sophia, followed closely by the Sofia spelling variation, was formerly the top girl name in the US. Sebastian is one of many boy names from ancient cultures that has come back into fashion. Both Sebastian and Sophia can be easily translated into many world languages. In the US, they are top choices among Spanish-speaking families.

Along with Sophia and Sofia, other girl names beginning with S in the US Top 400 include Scarlett, Stella, Savannah, Skylar, and Sienna. In addition to Sebastian, other boy names starting with S in the US Top 400 include Samuel, Santiago, Sawyer, Silas, and Simon.

Attractive S names that are rare in the US but common internationally include Stanley in England, Soline and Sandro in France, Sanne and Sem in the Netherlands, and Soraia and Safira in Portugal. Saskia, Shoshanna, and Solange are beautiful and unique S names for girls, and Stellan and Strummer are two of our favorite uncommon choices for boys.

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