Baby Names That Start With T

Baby Names That Start With T

Baby names that start with T can read traditional or trendy, but none are overly popular. The most common T name for boys is Theodore, a name that is arguably traditional and trendy, as it has classic roots but is nearing an all-time popularity high. For girls, the most common T name is Taylor, a holdout from its peak at the end of the last millennium.

Along with Taylor, other girl names beginning with T in the US Top 400 include Trinity, Teagan, Tessa, Thea, and Talia. In addition to Theodore, other boy names starting with T in the US Top 400 include Thomas, Tyler, Tristan, Tucker, and Thiago.

Rare T names with considerable appeal include the virtuous True, spiritual Tao, poetic Tennyson, and mythological Thisbe. A handful of celebrity parents have embraced quirky names with the T initial for their children, such as Tennessee (Reese Witherspoon), Tallulah (Billie Piper) and Tabitha (Hugh Grant).

As the top boy name that starts with T, Theodore has created a mini-trend of names beginning with the Th- sound. Theodore and Theo are rising for boys, while Thea and Theodora are getting more popular for girls.

Another hot trend in names that start with T are last names used as first names. Millennial darling Taylor is still the  top T name for girls. But there are new favorites in this category, including Teagan and Tinsley for girls, Tate and Townes for boys, and Tatum for both sexes.

Tru- names are also trending, particularly for boys. Tru is the most common of this set, and is also rising for girls. Others include Truett, True, and Truth. Truett is only used for boys, while True and Truth are unisex.

The True names are going to kick off a trend of spiritual T names that will rise in the near future. True and company will continue to rise up the charts, and we’ll also see choices like Tao, related to the ancient Chinese religion Taoism; Tahj and Taj, Arabic names that conjure India’s Taj Mahal; and Tulsi, the holy basil plant sacred in Hinduism, become more popular.

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