Unique Names

Rare and Uncommon Names for Your One-of-a-Kind Child

Unique names are more in demand than ever, with over a quarter of babies now receiving rare names below the US Top 1000. We've got thousands upon thousands of unique girl names, unique boy names, and unique unisex names too. If you like your baby names unique, this is the starting page for you.

The Best Rarest Baby Names

rarest baby names

Here's our exclusive list of the best of the rarest names ever. Is one of these hidden gems the perfect name for your unique baby?

Popular Unique Names

popular unique names

Popular unique names may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it's a great place to search for names that are uncommon yet stylish and familiar. Our exclusive list of the most popular unique names in the US starts with those ranked right below the official US Top 1000 most popular baby names 2021. That means that these stylish unique names are hidden gems!

Unique Names A to Z

Start here to find thousands of unique baby names, sorted by first initial. You can search every name below the US Top 1000 most popular baby names 2020 using Nameberry's exclusive tool.

Unique Girl Names

unique names - girls

Unique girl names trending today include ancient names like Ottilie and Elowen, nature names such as Clover and Snow, and newly coined names such as Jericho and Irie. Whatever your taste in unique names for girls, we'll offer inspiration..

Unique Boy Names

unique traditional names

Unique boy names may be rare mythological names or modern last names used as firsts, they might be uncommon nature names or gender-neutral names with international origins. Here's a starter set of unique boy names. Click through for hundreds more unique, rare, and unusual names for baby boys.

Unique Place Names

unique place names

Unique place names are a cool subset of the unique baby names, inspired by popular place name picks like London, Paris and Brooklyn – only far rarer! Adventurous parents might like to reflect their passion for travel by choosing a unique geographical name for their baby. There's a whole world of possibilities out there, but a few of our favorites are gathered below.

Unique Celebrity Baby Names

unique celebrity baby names

Celebrities may not have invented unique baby names, but they definitely made them cool. Here, some of the most notable unique celebrity baby names of recent years.

Unique Invented Names

unique invented names

Unique baby names are being invented by parents all the time. Sometimes these unique invented names are drawn from words or ideas, sometimes they're simply a new arrangement of letters and sounds. Here are some of the new baby names we've heard recently.

Talk About Unique Names

unique names forums

Talk about your favorite unique names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our friendly forums. You can get advice and feedback on your top choices, gather new ideas and inspiration, or simply discuss all things related to uncommon and unique names with our knowledgeable community.

We'll Help You Find the Uniquest Name

We'll Help You Find the Uniquest Name

Want a name that nobody (really nobody) else has? Our baby name experts can help you find a name that is both truly unique and deeply meaningful. We can even help you create a one-of-a-kind name! Our private name consultants can help you discover names you like or make a final choice. Book a name consultation today.

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