Gender Neutral Baby Names

Unisex Names for Your Child

Gender neutral names, unisex names used for both girls and boys, are an ever-growing category. Unisex baby names can be last names used as firsts, nature names, place names, word names such as Justice, and invented names. If you're looking for baby names that carry gender neutral values and a nonbinary image, start your search here.

Popular Unisex Names

popular gender neutral names

Popular unisex names in the US are calculated by Nameberry using official Social Security data for the most popular baby names 2021. We combine the number of baby girls and baby boys who receive each gender neutral name to create our exclusive list of the most popular unisex baby names.

Pink hearts designate names that are more common for girls in 2021, and blue hearts designate those that are more common for boys.

Unique Unisex Names

unique gender neutral names

Unisex names and unique names enjoy a lot of crossover. Invented names and names derived from other sources like nature or cities have not been associated with either gender over time and so aren't tied to any gender identity. The unique unisex names on this list are rare and uncommon as well as unconventional.

Gender-Neutral Name Generator

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Looking for gender-neutral names for your baby, a character, or yourself? Try out our new gender-neutral name generator. A few simple questions will lead you to thousands of combinations of gender-neutral or nonbinary names that might be right for you.

Unisex Names A to Z

All the names in our database that have entries for both genders and include individual commentary can be searched by first initial, below. These include popular unisex names from Avery to Zion as well as unusual unisex names from Abbott to Zuri.

Top Gender Neutral Names by State

top gender neutral names by state

What are the most popular gender-neutral baby names where you live? We crunched the numbers to find the top three names that are used for both boys and girls in every one of the US states.

Some of the results are consistent with the overall numbers for popular names, with such names as Avery and Charlie popular pretty much everywhere. The names below ranked among the Top 3 in at least one state. But a name that's used more for girls in one state may tilt toward the boys in another, so click through for data relevant to your part of the country.

Nonbinary Names

nonbinary names

Nonbinary names are truly gender neutral names, used nearly equally for boys and girls and free of any gender identity. Here are the most popular nonbinary names.

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Unisex Names by List

unisex names by list

Nameberry includes many curated lists of unisex names of different types, from surnames to place names, nature names to literary names. There are also hundreds of user-created lists of unisex names covering every imaginable category.